Orion Educational Institute

For a bright future!

Orion Educational Institute is a reputed government registered Japanese language school in Negombo, Sri Lanka. And also a branch school of Orion Business college in Utsunomiya, Japan. We basically offer professional courses (N4 & N5), and advanced Japanese language courses which helps to migrate to Japan with an extensive knowledge. Each course will be conducted by professional Japanese lecturers.

We believe in student-oriented education system, which means every student will be monitoring equally and individually. With the help of Japanese lecturers, students have the potential to learn the language professionally, practically and easily . And all the classes are arranged for a limited number of students. Our brand new air conditioned classrooms are equipped with projectors, displays , CD players and sound systems.

As an added benefit, students gets the opportunity to have a firsthand experience about Japanese culture, life style , job market and business opportunities to plan their future.


We always believe in team work, that's how Japanese succeed!